Top 5 Reasons Women Get Hair Extensions:
1. Adds instant length, volume or thickness to their hair. You always wanted long hair or thicker hair and for whatever reason have never been able to grow your own hair.
2. Cover up a really bad haircut. You decided you don't like the short shag any more? Solution: Hair Extensions.
3. Add bold or subtle highlights to your hair without chemical processing.
4. Get a new look for a special occasion (wedding, prom, formal event).
5. Just for fun! Some like to experiment with their hair styles. Hair extensions offer an instant new look.
How long does it take to apply? Application time varies from 60 to 180 minutes.
How long does it last? Our system will last 3-4 months, with proper maintenance.  

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Consultation Required Prior To All Hair Extension Services. Deposit Required.

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions,  we show you the facts. You decide the rest.
Micro-cylinder™ technology: clean, easy and non-damaging. The DreamCatchers system is incredibly simple and efficient. Your time in the chair is only 2 to 3 hours for a full head application, and the return adjustment visits are approximately 1 1/2 hour. Your own hair and extensions will look and feel amazing, healthy and gorgeous. The secret to gorgeous hair is in the quality, and DreamCatchers only uses 100% selected human hair. We create a natural look as if it was all your own hair. The hair extension quality is often better than your own hair. DreamCatchers extensions have a luster and shine that never diminishes. You will be amazed. Live life beautifully!

Belle La Vie offers DreamCatchers hair extensions brand, and many other re-usable types of hair extension lines in our Lakeland, FL location.  DreamCatchers is a fabulous quality system, good hair, great tips, which makes it reusable up to 6months to a year.  We offer a free consultation, and hair and scalp analysis. Our experts see what hair extension type is going to be ideal for you.  We will match up your texture to your goals and budget, and we see what is going to be the best technique for you. Here at Belle La Vie, our hair extensions are for anyone (regardless of hair type or texture) whether you want to add length and/or volume. Hair Extensions are also great for creating or repairing a haircut, from chemicals, free highlights and/or lowlights, as well as cover scars or hair loss caused by Alopecia or other types of hair loss.

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4525 Florida Ave, S St #16 
Lakeland, FL 33813
Call: 863-617-5408

​Additional Brands & Types of Hair Extension Offered:

I-Tip - Small sections of hair are pulled through a small bead then locked and clamped shut with a special tool.
​Wefts -  2-8 inch wide, applied to the hair in rows rather than individual strands.
​Tape in - Tape in - applied by using either double sided polyurethane tape.​​​

Hair Extensions ...for a beautiful change!